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Daily Archives: May 2, 2006

Moving house

Finally managed to pay the full security deposit for Copley Court today. Am able to choose from a small, medium or large unit, although do not really want the medium one because the kitchen is right next to the bedroom, and the mans says that if he cooks the smell might waft into the bedroom. Went to look at an empty apartment, which was a small one, and fell in love with the walk-in closet, which is so deep that will be able to hang all the clothes along one wall, and leave the other wall for the mans to hang his own things. The large apartment only has a regular closet that runs along one whole wall, which is fine too; either way, will finally be able to find enough room for all the clothes, bags and shoes.

Will be able to move in during the last week of May, right after return from Manhattan. Am so excited ! Am going to pack up as much of the house as possible before the mother gets here, so that when am back from Manhattan there won’t be so much to pack. Hopefully the absent housemate won’t come back too late to get all his belongings, as will have to hire a cleaning service to clean out the entire apartment when it’s empty.

Cannot wait to get out of this damn hovel.